Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 1 Melbourne

What a Christmas present.

NWG would like to thank all of the England team for reading her letter to Santa.

Also, she appreciates what a pain it is to have to stay up in to the middle of the night. It is extraordinarily inconvenient.

Still. She would like to be positive. But she doesn't like Philip Hughes. Mainly because in the press conference before the last Test he talked about how he was a lot more confident but he wouldn't say why.

This is ridiculous. You can only be confident when you are good.

Hussey can be confident (and NWG would like to raise awareness at his good sportsmanship for walking tonight) because he is good.

Even Ponting (although this series he's a little shaky).

But not Philip. Or Lippy as NWG might call him.

NWG hopes she will wake up tomorrow morning with more good news for England.


Stani Army said...

Strauss can learn from Hussey Mare.

...and I told you Eng's bad form wasn't your fault (assuming that cricket wrapping paper present wasnt tickets to Aus and that you are not at the MCG right now)

Stani Army said...

Went to bed at the rain interval didn't you? Lightweight. You missed a lot Mare.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG did go to bed when the rain started, but she was listening on the radio till about 4.30am so caught all the good stuff.

And no, she really isn't at the MCG, though she wishes she was.