Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day Five: The Best Of The Lot

No, NWG was not sitting inside watching the game.

And no, she didn't have BBC TMS on listening to the old favourites.

And no, she didn't even have Channel 9 and Shane Warne moaning about how unfair it all is (which, by the by, he does ALOT).

All she had was bad radio reception on the radio as she was driving down tiny roads through (admittedly lovely) countryside as she made her merry way from Armidale (don't go there people) to the Hunter Valley.

But it kind of added to the drama (along with no internet access).

When she switched on this morning she was eager to get going.

And then it happened. Hussey was out.

And then it happened again, and again and again.

For today, in the eternal battle between England v Australia, England won. And not just by a little.

But by an innings.

And it was brilliant.


Stani Army said...

Why the hell didn't you buy more tickets for more days Mare? You went all that way and saw just two days?

Actually, I'm surprised you're making the most of the trip there, seeing the country and not just stuck in the grounds watching cricket. Very surprised. I put it down to the person(s) that went with you. Good on them.

Rob said...

Warney sounds like a whinging Aussie to me. On Sky (where he also commentates) he said that England were going to win. He said it with such conviction early on in the session that I think the Aussies just though 'oh sod it he is right' and all got out.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - NWG is an explorer. She can't help it.

Rob -Shane obviously changes his tune depending what TV channel he's doing.

Unknown said...

Good show by the England team. The Ashes are as good as won. Expect more panic and drastic changes from the Aus camp. Now they are just throwing in whichever reserve had a decent last match. NWG why are you going to Hunter Valley, all they have there is wine...oh I see. Did you see Byron Bay? The whole Pacific coast is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The American is very surprised.
All that way from Blighty to Oz and you hardly see any cricket ??
The exploring could surely have been done another day and to miss this historic victory when you were so close is about as mind boggling as the Australian selectors' decisions.
Another of my illusions shattered, and here I was thinking you were a true fan and commentator.
Ah well, will just have to go to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne myself.
" Hello, Quantas?"
" Ah, the American here. I'd like to book some tickets please ...."
Seriously though I hope you're having a great time there.