Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day Three In Adelaide

NWG has never heard any Australian praying for rain.

That was until today.

Where has the old Australia gone?


Rob said...

They all retired. Now they are just tired. If they bat poorly tomorrow it could be time for the executioner.

Unknown said...

No No NWG they are praying for Brains. They need someone who knows how to captain.

Stani Army said...

You should question whether you are in fact in Australia Mare. They could have heard you were coming, sent over a spy who slipped some kind of psychosomatic drug into your carrot cake, took you to some next country on one of those extraordinary rendition things and connected you up to some kind of instrument that makes you think you're watching England do so well in Australia that it's making the Australians pray for rain.

Or you could really be in Australia and they really could be praying for rain I suppose.

Anonymous said...

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