Friday, 10 December 2010

KP, A Lamborghini And The Australian Police

This is exactly as Shane Warne had planned.

(Shane's mind).

I know, I'll get KP a fast car, make sure it's yellow so the police can really see it, then just sit back and wait for him to be jailed.

Well, Shane, your plan didn't work. KP only got a ticket and the eternal shame of driving a yellow car.

But still. It's not responsible for an English player, namely one that England require UNDAMAGED, to be let loose in a racing car. The Australians are, in a very polite way, rubbish drivers.

Just think what could have happened.

Andrew Strauss, NWG implores you to be extra careful with the England team. Do not let them do silly things. Keep them where you can see them at all times. Don't let them swim alone. Don't let them walk in the bush alone.

Just keep them with you.

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Stani Army said...

I thought the exact same thing. I knew you would write this :)

Noddy's car is yellow. Apologise Mare.