Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Mo Is Gone

Farewell little Mo. You kind of reminded NWG of a '70s actor of the night.

So did your bowling.

For Mitchell has been dropped. In to a cold, dark room. Filled with Australian hasbeens, Kangaroo soft toys and blow-up crocodiles.

NWG is in two minds.

Yes, he was bad during the Brisbane Test. He didn't bowl well (now Steve Harmison can rest easy knowing Mitchell's bowling was worse than his), he didn't score any runs, and he can't catch.

But on the other side, he would have been good to still be in the side for England's sake.

NWG is currently in Daintree, in the far north of Queensland. Surrounded by rainforest, insects, birds and more mosquito bites than she would care to mention, she had initial concerns that she would be too far away from anywhere to get updates on tomorrow's cricket.

But, thankfully, not only does she have broadband (0h the modernity), she also has access to channel 9, one of only two TV channels up here.

So tomorrow, instead of seeing the rainforest, looking at crocodiles and generally being at one with nature, she will be inside, curtains drawn, keeping an eye on the England team.

Go England.

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