Friday, 3 December 2010

The Powerful Mind of Shane Watson

"I tried to make a loud call and it just didn't come out."

- Shane Watson on having Simon Katich run out for a (who knew?) diamond duck.


Stani Army said...

Maybe he used the wrong end? Maybe 'call' was a euphemism? Those never come out on demand.

Rob said...

Do I take it yo are in Australia little lady?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - NWG never thought of that. How clever to come up with a code.

The only downfall was that Shane Watson had obviously forgotten it. Damn that pesky thing called learning.

Rob - yes, NWG is in Australia. Having a lovely time in the boiling hot and dreading coming home.

Although she's about to get on the plane for the flight to Brisbane, the clever people at Qantas (all their brain power goes in to the this and not those annoying things like engines) manage to turn the radio on, so NWG can listen to the cricket up in the air.

Rob said...

You have a great time because it is not much fun here. I got to see -7C on my car thermometer for the first time this week - several times.