Monday, 27 December 2010

Rules For Ricky

1. NWG shouldn't even have to write this down, but cricket is not football.

2. No talking back to the umpires.

3. No swearing at the umpires.

4. No getting your tall mates (Wareckidle - see previous post) to try and intimidate the umpires.

5. Stop being a bad sport. You'd never see Andrew Strauss talking like that. In fact, NWG is almost positive he doesn't know any swear words.

6. Just because Santa didn't bring you a certificate for plastic surgery to have the scar removed doesn't mean you can take it out on umpires, or anyone for that fact.

7. Just let Michael Clarke take over. You've obviously had enough.


Stani Army said...

Siddle should have got fined too. Wareckidle? How about Shrooniddle?

Strauss not a bad sport? He doesn't walk when he nicks it! The only time he walks is when he goes to the gents. There he's not a washer, he's a walker.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG agrees, Stani. Wareckidle should be fined too. He annoys NWG. Especially as she witnessed his bloody hatrick, which he thought was so big and clever (yawn).

And the age of the batsman walking is gone. NWG would like to think the goldenage could continue, but alas, it's up to the umpire, unless they think it's a no-ball....She won't have you say bad words about The Captain. It's wrong.