Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Who Goes? Australia Should Decide.

The moment of truth is upon us all readers.

Well, not really those that read NWG's ramblings, but those who live in these shores. (Australian shores that is).

The press is talking non-stop about who will get the chop from the team (and injuries).

1. Well, an obvious one but Katich is out. England found his achilles, which was helpfully where his achilles was and he's now out for the series.

2. Xavier Doherty. Apparently not a Test spinner anymore (ten days ago he was the future of Australian spin, NWG doesn't know what this now means for spin in Oz). 'Nathan - all is forgiven' shout the wombats and various other species in Australia.

3. Doug Bollinger. No sooner was he in, and now he's supposedly out. Not fully cooked, so say the radio lot.

4. Marcus North. NWG doesn't really understand why he was in the side in the first place. He couldn't really bat, he can't really bowl and he's not a great fielder. Seems anyone can get in to the side these days.

5. Ponting......?

NWG firmly believes that there should be a phone vote a la Big Brother to decide who should be evicted from the team, with some humiliating live vote-off (preferably in the MCG just for added tension).

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Unknown said...

!. His injured achilles is a metaphor for the whole team. Symbolically, finished after two games.

2. These days Aus spinners get two bad matches before being banished forever, except if you are Victorian you get one. The Aus refusal to use Hauritz at the Oval and in Adelaide has been very good for. In both matches, with the ball getting plenty of turn, Aus did not have a bowler who could use it and they let Swann have all the joy.

3. Dont know about not fully cooked, after one day it looked like he was almost well done. The selection policy for bowlers in the series is throwing lots of them at the wall and seeing if one will stick.

4. Aus camp has the belief that no. 6 has to be able to bowl part-time like a clone of Andrew Symonds. North is not a very good clone though, he cant hold his drink, doesnt have dreads and cant play rugby.

5. Tired. Stressed. Could do with half a bottle of Swisse vitamins.