Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh Graeme

Tut tut tut.

This is what happens when you drink and drive. You get arrested. People are disappointed. Sponsors think again. Team mates will offer advice. AA is mentioned. You will forever be associated.

Graeme, NWG is very unhappy with you.

Friday, 2 April 2010

The End Of Matt

The trouble with being a wicketkeeper is that there is simply too much pressure. It's a well documented fact that men cannot multi-task (case in point: KP - a cricketer and soon to be dad. Too much).

It's now proven too much for Matt Prior, who has been dropped for the Twenty20 World Cup. NWG does feel a little sorry for him. Being usurped by a younger, better version of yourself must suck (and Kieswetter has hair too, salt in the wound).

Kieswetter is a better batsman and a better wicketkeeper. That is not good for one's self esteem.

What NWG can't understand is why Prior has been assured his place in the Test team. You're either a good enough for both or not good enough for either, surely?

Are they giving him a second chance to prove himself? NWG doesn't understand. Can someone please explain?