Friday, 30 April 2010

KP The Dad and Model

Two posts in two hours? What's happening to NWG? Well, actually she just saw this photo of KP and had to have it on NWG, for this reason:

NWG has an uncanny skill of seeing a photo and knowing exactly what that person is thinking (to be honest sometimes this is a curse).

KP: "Wow, am I a good looking bloke or what? And I love how my goatee just really shapes my face beautifully. Also my tattoos make me look well hard. I rule. If only I could score some bloody runs."

Pitter Patter

NWG can hear the screams of agony from her south London home.

Because a little baby Pietersen is about to enter this world.

It won't be the biggest loss to not have KP in the side. But NWG will be looking forward to seeing him dash off the field mid-game to sprint to Heathrow.

Let's hope that pesky volcano behaves itself.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

There Is Cricket Tomorrow, Cricket, Actual International Cricket Which Will Be Totally Excellent, And Exciting And Brilliant

The World Twenty20 starts tomorrow. NWG is excited. She's been missing cricket. And even better it's in the West Indies where it's all warm and lovely.

How will England do? Who will fail? Who will do well? Will Pakistan win again? Could England win?

So many questions.