Friday, 27 August 2010


So it seems that two men have taken on the task of being England's batsmen. Thank heavens.

Not content with another batting disaster, it was two lone men who took it upon themselves to be different... score runs.

NWG is proud today of her team. Not the other lot who didn't care (maybe Matt Prior can be excluded from this).

For it was Jonathan Trott, Englishman, hero, batting supremo, the man with a level head, and Stuart Broad, impossibly tall and gangly, not known for his batting skill, but bloody excellent.

This gruesome twosome must be in this England side forever. Till they are old and grey. Till they can bat no longer. For now that they have done it once, it can always be done again.

Even if they are out first ball tomorrow they have played their part.

NWG is happy, even if her knee is still sore and she was forced to sit still all day and watch the cricket.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Knees, Ashes and Lots of Other Stuff

Fear not readers, NWG has not fallen off the side of the earth, she has, like all the greats in the world, had knee surgery.

And no, she has not, like one less than brilliant cricketer moved to Dubai to get a tan and ride camels, nor has she ditched the great game to eat cakes and pretend to be funny with Aggers.

She has just been lying rather still.

This has had its advantages.

Firstly, NWG has a new appreciation for scones. They are delicious. Secondly, NWG has watched way too much tv. This has included Big Brother (yes, she knows, it's rubbish, but still she has been very bored) and Come Dine With Me which she now believes to be the best thing in the world and should now most definitely and without fail have a cricketers special (imagine Matthew Hoggard's delightful dinner conversation and wonderful trifle).

Thirdly, and most importantly, she is now almost positive that England will win the Ashes. This is based almost entirely on NWG making the enormous journey to Australia (think of the effort).

NWG will now go and continue to lie down, mull over daytime TV and imagine how she will celebrate the Ashes in her codeine-stupor.