Tuesday, 31 August 2010

There Are No Words (Well, A Few, But You Know What NWG Means)

NWG is not his biggest fan. She has not spent many hours babbling on about how amazing he is.

But dropping him from the England team? Dropping him from the England team when he of all the batsmen needs some batting practice. Dropping him from the England team when this is the only cricket between now and November.

This is ridiculous. Has the ECB lost their mind? What's wrong with them? Is this the beginning of the downfall? It's only August? (just)

Australia will be rubbing their hands with an American tv show about a singing group in high school.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Money Does Not Make The World Go Round

NWG doesn't really know where to start with Pakistan.

The whole issue is troubling.

Money does strange things to people, but NWG firmly believes that cricket, the game, the greatest game, now tarnished and bloodied, will suffer the consequences of these few naughty people.

But hats off to the New of the World for the story. It's one time where a tabloid actually makes life better for all in the long run.

And to Jonathan Trott and Stuart Broad - no, it has not affected your great partnership that saved and won the game.

To Pakistan - NWG can't help but be disappointed. Hopefully this is the kick in the box that you need.