Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Line-UP

And now we know.

Strauss - Not a massive surprise. Let's be honest.

Cook - NWG is not convinced. Even worse, he' vice-captain. Why. And oh, why?

Anderson - Expected.

Bell - why, all of a sudden? He's been out in the wilderness (aka Warwickshire).

Bresnan - Bit of a wild card.

Broad - Will he keep his temper under control? Answer - no.

Collingwood - Mr dependable. A ship steadier.

Davies - A Prior backup. Sensible.

Finn - Good choice. Could be a strike of genius.

Morgan - Thank heavens.

Panesar - Where did that come from?

Pietersen - Now he's good enough?

Prior - Sensible.

Swann - No words necessary.

Tremlett - A tall order (NWG is hilarious).

Trott - needs to keep his temper under control.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's A Worthy End

And so there it was. England won the series.

Eoin Morgan is fast becoming one of NWG's favourites (she needs a good one now that Ryan is no longer on the international scene).

And it's the Ashes team announcement. All these things come at once, and NWG can't really cope.

At least today's game was a good one. And Pakistan can go home and think about what they've done (preferably on the naughty step).

NWG also hopes that Andrew Strauss will take on the comments alleging the England team took a bribe. Perhaps in a cricket court, where the judge is dressed like an umpire and those in the witness box have to face Swann bowling.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Goodbye, Farewell Curly And What?

Finally it's happened. Ryan has retired from international cricket.

And surprisingly NWG is not upset. In fact, she's pretty happy about it.

What she is not happy about is a certain member of the Pakistani cricket board suggesting that England players are under suspicion for taking bribes.

Just no.

First sign of guilt is to deflect.

NWG actually thinks that England shouldn't play today.

Don't go throwing things around that you can't substantiate. It makes you look ridiculous.