Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oh Now He Says It

NWG is a cynical girl. She generally doesn't believe what comes out of official's mouths when they can offer no proof. So when she heard that Ijaz Butt had finally decided that it was time to retract the statement claiming England had taken a bribe to throw a game she thought the world had seen sense.

Now comes a flourish of apologies and u-turns from him:

"I never intended to question the behaviour and integrity of the England players nor the ECB."

"It is regrettable that there was a misunderstanding arising from my comments."

"I deeply and sincerely regret that my statements have been interpreted to cast doubt upon the good names of the England players and the ECB."

Doesn't it work wonders when you can deny deny deny? And continue lying because you are frightened of legal action.

NWG is sick of this story.