Thursday, 16 December 2010

LA Is No Place For Cricket

NWG is on her last day of holiday. This is sad.

Not least that it's sunny here and NWG knows that she is going home to snow.

But, there is an upside.

It may have taken five weeks, but she's just realised that she can listen to BBC radio. So last night, at about 8pm, she settled down with her laptop to listen to the first day of the Perth Test.

And oh my.

Tremlett has landed in the right place at the right time.

NWG feels a little sorry for Ponting.

But not for Hughes. She doesn't like him at all (no, she doesn't know why).

NWG will be in the air for the second day which is extremely annoying. She doesn't land until 12pm, so she will have to rush home and watch the highlights.

It's all very exciting.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Farewell Australia

NWG leaves Australia tomorrow. This is sad news. Not least that she returns to the cold shores of England on Friday (she has a little stop off in Los Angeles) and she'll have to watch the Perth Test from her house in London.

She has just looked at the weather.

She hates winter.

Still. The plus side is that she can watch from an England perspective. Although she can appreciate the Australian commentary lot, she has missed Ian Botham and Nasser Hussain et al.

So goodbye Australia.

It's been a blast.

Poor Nathan

NWG rarely feels sorry for anyone other than Matthew Hoggard (and Ryan Sidebottom's wife), but poor Nathan Hauritz has flogged his cricket stuff outside his flat.

What has the guy done to deserve this?

Why has someone who has only played cricket for a couple of days be better than him?

Bad form Australia.