Friday, 4 March 2011

Luck Of The Irish

England lost. And then came the criticism.

And no one thought to mention hair. And hair colour to be more precise.

It is a known fact that dyeing one's hair increases exponentially the chances of winning.

Those who need to have pink/green/blue hair:

Ian Bell.
Andrew Strauss....alright the whole England team.

NWG knows that Clarins to a cracker of a job at covering the grey. NWG feels she should send over a large pack to the side immediately.


Stani Army said...

You're discriminating against Prior...although he's got a beard now so he could dye that.

Then there's thinks you need to send a team from the Belgravia Centre over too Mare.

Stani Army said...

Two down in the first over. England need you Mare! Do some hocus pocus or something