Sunday, 6 March 2011

South Africa (England) v South Africa (South Africa)

South Africa (England) beat South Africa (South Africa).

And how South Africa (England) made NWG wait for it.

Not the greatest of starts either by South Africa (England), but all's well that ends well.

NWG just has one topic she needs to discuss:

South African (England) player Ravi Bopara.

Should Paul Collingwood just go and make way for Ravi?

NWG is starting to think so.


Stani Army said...

You'll have to squeeze Ireland in somewhere there now Mare.

I bet you Tremlett goes straight into the side right past Shehzad despite not being in the initial squad.

Stani Army said...

If England get to the final, don't be coming on here and posting Mare...that would be just like being greedy. We need another of your injury posts.

Jade Dernbach's been called up ...or 'Doner meat Dernbach' as I like to call him. He has slimmed down to be fair to him though. Funny thing is, soon as he started losing weight he started getting tattoos. Strange. I hope you haven't got any tattoos Mare. They're messy.

(Hope every thing's cool ;))

Stani Army said...

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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