Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Happens To Cricketers When They're Not Cricketers Anymore

Years ago, when cricket was a simple game, cricketers would stop playing ("I want to spend more time with my family") and move straight to TMS ("Sorry family") or Sky.

Now Sky is full. TMS is full.

Cricketers: There is no more room in the inn.

So where do they go?

Case study: Andrew Flintoff.

1. Morrison's advert. Showing acting versatility with just a hint of desperation.
2. Get your own TV show. So what if it's on ITV4 and no one watches it?
3. After dinner speeches. Freddy is obviously an inspiration to all. Money well spent.
4. Threaten to turn out for your brother's local team in Lancashire.

Life isn't so bad for him, is it?

NWG feels that a shallow life after cricket is inevitable. There is no hope after you retire.

Case study: Ricky Ponting.



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Stani Army said...

Haha, leave him alone. Honestly, I think there's love behind your hate Mare.

Did you get your invite to the webding then?