Saturday, 8 January 2011

Farewell Australia. Thanks For Everything.

OK. NWG is over the shock. She's over the jubilation and joy.

And now she's basking in England's glory.

NWG would like to say she believed those people who said England would win 3-1. But she didn't.

She didn't have the faith.

Actually, it had nothing to do with faith.

She thought Australia were a good team.

Apparently not.

Actually, it wasn't that Australia were bad. England were that good that they made Australia look that bad.

She never thought on that day way back in November when she was sitting innocently at the Gaba, watching Siddle get his hatrick that it would end this way.

And she is now very glad she was there that day.

Because November 25th marked the end of Australian domination in Test cricket.

It took long enough.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

An Ode To Paul

Oh Paul,
NWG thinks you rulel,
Even when you couldn't buy a run,
You still got Hussey out,
And that counts.

England salutes you.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Sydney Day 1

All NWG has to say is:

She wants to be Shane Watson's girlfriend.

Mainly just for the 'oh no' comment as he watched the ball go to the slips.

But also, because obviously NWG is amazing and wonderful, he would want to marry her and then, obviously, he would play for England.

Win win.