Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Farewell Ricky

And then there was none.

Australia have lost their captain in the wash/on the train/down the back of the sofa and now they're stuck with Michael 'I can bat honest' Clarke.

But NWG would like to take a moment to pay her respects to Ricky.

For it was he that insisted on using his face as a bat occasionally when playing against England.

And it was him that decided the best thing to do during the Winter was pick Michael Beers.

And it was him that thought the best course of action during the World Cup was to resign as captain.

Because despite his temper and his belief that if he shouted at an umpire they would go back on their decision, Ricky was a pretty handy batsman, and NWG, despite everything, will miss his face when he gets cross.