Friday, 27 May 2011

Sri Lanka Day 1

Ok. So NWG has been slightly absent of late. It's been tough. She can't lie.

First there was the big wedding. Couple of billion people watching - it was no big deal.

Then there was a massive reception which was slightly intimidating, but it's fine because NWG doesn't really eat anymore.

Then the big holiday to the islands, which was nice. NWG almost got blown away by the wind though.

And now NWG is back. Aside from a few commitments here (meeting the First Lady in her clashing outfit - the shame) and some dinners there (it's an art practicing to look like you're eating when actually you're not), she can now enjoy some cricket.

Oh the excitement! Oh the drama!

NWG has missed late starts due to rain. The nice white outfits and seeing Broad looking hot and bothered.