Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All Is Forgiven?

Now, NWG is a truthful person. She doesn't like liars. She doesn't like cheaters.

She likes to know where she stands.

She likes to think that people want to be truthful. That they want to be good. That they mean what they say.

And then KP came along.

Now NWG likes to think that people want to change for the better, but she can't quite believe in KP.

England have handed him a (nother) central contract now that he remembers how to score runs and play nice.

But for how long will it stay like this?

NWG gives it till January 2014, just till after the Ashes and he decides to start texting again...

KP - NWG has her eye on you.


Stani said...

Just like Stani.

Which is why you should be fair.

Some of KP's teammates are bullies.

He was blatantly conspired against by little Stuart and his Twitter pal. Come on Mare, if Broad was not involved, my name's Raquel Turner.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG agrees and you know she doesn't particularly like Stuart either, but that's no excuse. KP should have told on Stuart like all good school children.

Stani said...

Teachers weren't listening to him...and the school board were taking the side of the bully.

Can't wait till KP retires, Mare. It'll all come out.

Lovely jubbly.

Stani said...

...and those bails and stumps that light up are amazing! You do know they have a purpose, Mare?

Like me, you need to let go of your Englishness now and a little.

*touch* *safe*

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