Thursday, 3 January 2013


NWG has been keeping something from you. In 2011 she had an adventure in Sri Lanka. She saw turtles, ate lots of curry, but most excitingly she had a tour of the cricket ground in Galle. And not just any tour.

The tour.

NWG was very lucky as the hotel manager knew the security guard at the ground and so offered NWG and her boyfriend (yes readers, it's happened. Someone in the world likes her, it's a surprise to us all) an all-access tour.

The above picture was taken in the away dressing room. Yes. She'll repeat that. The AWAY DRESSING ROOM. And what you can see on the mirror is the hydration list of the Australian team who were the last team to play there.

Now, not only was NWG thrilled at her tour. She stood in the showers. She sat in the seats looking out at the ground where the team would sit. She took the walk that the batsmen would take to get down to the middle. She was even allowed in the Home dressing room. But finding this scribble on the mirror really was brilliant.

For a start she realises why Ricky Ponting hasn't been doing well. It's because he hasn't been drinking anything. And, most likely, forcing Michael Clarke to do the same (peer pressure is a crime). But also, she now knows that her knowledge of the Australian team's nicknames is lacking.

Who is Frosty? Someone must answer her. 


Sledger said...

Michael Beer is nicknamed “Frothy”.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Of course. It all makes sense now. NWG is grateful Sledger.

pay per head demo said...

when I first saw the picture I gotta say that I did not know what that was about and then I read your post and looked at that pic again and I understood better LOL